Catch Marian Rivera on CNN Philippines

Catch Marian Rivera on CNN Philippines

The Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera new look is very refreshing when we interview her at the media press of her endorsement.

But other press said that theres a whole new meaning why Marian cut her hair short.

They cant hold themselves to ask Marian if does she accept therole of being her husband’s leading lady in his new action drama series of the Philippine adaptation of descendants of the sun. Isn’t Dr. Kang hairstyle is like the one Marian have now?

“Nope, my reason is still the same on why Dong and I cant work at the same series, we feel sorry for our children if we both leave them for work,” Marian answered.

“I just like to change my hairstyle to have different look. Dingdong accompany me when i get my hair cut and he was just starring at me. And when finished I asked him if he didn’t like it and he answered me: ‘you’re beautiful’.

Dingdong will participate on Berlin Marathon this september and her wish is her husband’s saftety.

The teaser for Marian’s most awaited in depth interview with CNN Philippines was release yesterday.

It will air on October 2, 2019 at 9:30PM.