Dong’s first reaction to Marian’s short hair

Dong’s first reaction to Marian’s short hair

Marian Rivera’s new look is very refreshing when she faces the media for her newest endorsement.

Some press gave meaning to her new hairstyle, they can’t help but to ask her if she accepted the over to be Dingdong’s leading lady for his new teleserye. Is that the reason why she cut her hair short?

“No it’s not the reason. We still can’t work at the same time. We have 2 children now, can’t leave them at the same time.” She said.

“I change my hairstye to have a new look. Dong was with me when i had my hair cut. He was just staring at me. When i ask him, ‘don’t you like it?’ He told me, ‘You are so beautiful!”.

Dingdong will be joining the Berlin Marathon this September. Marian said she is praying for the safety of her husband.

Marian could not come to Berlin Germany to be physically there supporting her husband, because she needs to look after their 2 children.

Can’t travel as a family either because Zia going to school. So it’s better for them to just be home.

They will surely cheer for Daddy Dong, sending him their love and support.

Good luck on your race Dong!