Ziggy turns 5 months old

Ziggy turns 5 months old

The baby boy of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes turned 5 months old today.

Marian is probably one of the happiest mothers in the world. She has great career, a loving husband and 2 beautiful children. Zia and Ziggy both possess pure beauty as pure as an angel.

Earlier today, Marian posted on her Instagram page a new photo of Baby Ziggy to celebrate his turning 5 months old.

People are astonished how handsome Ziggy is with his white skin and beautiful big eyes. Although only 5 months old, he immediately became famous on social media because of his picturesque appearance.

Everytime Marian will post a new photo of Zia netizens immediately sent hearts.

Ziggy boy has big eyes, long eyelashes, chubby cheeks and sharp neat eyebrows. He truly inherits the good looks of his parents.

“Happy 5 months to this little boy and youngest tribu member! Love you Sixto!” She posted.

Happy 5th month old Baby Ziggy! Time indeed flies. We love you Ziggy Boy!