Candid shot of Dantes Family while having dinner

Candid shot of Dantes Family while having dinner

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes is well adjusted now as a Mom of 2 children.

Recently Marian was criticized by feeding Ziggy solid foods. Marian explained that she is aware that a baby should eat baby food when reached 6 months. But in Baby Ziggy’s case their pediatrician allow her to feed Ziggy solid foods a little even though Ziggy is just only 5 months old.

Marian said, “As respect to co-mothers that question my actions, I answer her kindly that every mother have different situation…We all have different ways on taking care of our children.

“My pediatrician allowed Ziggy to eat solid food.

“So i fed him, which is accwording to ‘WHO’, an infant should be fed solid foods within 6 months older.

“My son is only 5 months, but our pediatrician give me permission that Ziggy can eat solid foods in small amounts.

“But still, breastmilk is the main source of his food.

“Its like Im only introducing Ziggy solid foods.

“They said that I might give false information, okay I will answer her. But the only thing I want from our co-mothers is that we should not hurt each other.

“There is no mother that want harm to go in their child’s way.

“Of course, when its your child, you will do everything and give all the love to them.

“I respect it.I said that if younger than 6 months is not okay, then fine. But this is what I want, and I will do this.

“This issue regarding breast feeding, just because I feed baby Ziggy solid foods from time to time doesnt mean I will quit breastfeeding my son.

“Definitely no, as long as I can and theres still milk producing, I will do it for my child. Because with Zia, I breastfeed her for 2 years and there i no reason to not do it for my second child.

Meanwhile, Marian’s road manager Tristan Cheng shared some candid photos of Dantes Family.

He posted, “No, this is not a photoshoot or an endorsement. Just them casually having lunch.”

Such a fun loving family.

Family goals indeed!