Marian and Ziggy visited Dong at his berlin marathon training

Marian and Ziggy visited Dong at his berlin marathon training

Dingdong Dantes is currently training for the BMW berlin Marathon this September 29, 2019. Where he will be flying to Germany to participate.

He revealed that it was Kuya Kim Atienza who convinced him to join the marathon. The official marathon distance is 42 kilometers.

When asked what is his reason for joining the marathon Dingdong said, “I made a promise to my family and to myself. Eversince my son is born i want to renew my commitment to my health.”

Dong said he wants to be and live a healthy life to take better care of his family.

“I want to live healthy for my family, so i can take good care of them and look after my children. So i’m committed to be healthy for my family.” he said.

Dingdong got a surprise visit earlier from Marian and Ziggy. Though Marian will not be able to accompany Dong to berlin, she is giving him all the support he needs while he’s training. Marian needs to stay to look after their 2 children Zia and Ziggy.

Dong shared a photo of his visitors earlier today with the caption, “My pampagana visitors during this morning’s training.”

Meanwhile Marian shared another photo of Ziggy and Zia. So adorable!