Daddy Dong’s funny reaction to Zia’s costume

Daddy Dong’s funny reaction to Zia’s costume

Zia Dantes had a special event on her school today. This Morning her Mom Marian Rivera-Dantes dressed her in a hula costume.

Once Dong woke up he saw Zia wearing the costume and he shared his reaction to his Instagram account.

Zia’s costume was a pink floral hula dress. She was so adorable and cute. But for Daddy Dong, he has other cute concerns.

Dong said, “So ito ang bumungad sa akin kaninang umaga pagkagising ko. Wala na ako ibang nasabi kundi, “bigyan nga ng jacket yan!”.

We can’t help but to fangirl over Zia’ side profile too. Her side profile is so perfect. At age 3, she is so beautiful.

No wonder her Daddy Dong is super protective of her baby girl.

In other news, Marian shoot another tv commercial yesterday.

There’s no details yet about her new tv commercial but it looks like the location was at a grocery store.

Can you guess what it is?