More behind the scenes of Zia for Wilkins

More behind the scenes of Zia for Wilkins

Have you watch the Dantes Squad new tv commercial for Wilkins Distilled Water?

Dingdong and Zia now join Marian as the endorsers of Wilkins. Marian is Wilkins endorser for the past 2 years.

The director of their Wilkins tv commercial share some behind the scene video clips of Zia from the shooting.

Zia is so adorable and knows how to follow direction. She is so natural infront of the camera.

Ofcourse, Zia’s studies are still the number 1 priority. She even has home studies with her best friend Alana.

Here is a photo of Zia and Alana while they are studying.

They are even wearing a matching hair accessories. So adorable.