Will Marian continue to do her postponed movie project?

Will Marian continue to do her postponed movie project?

Marian Rivera don’t mind doing crossover to do movies. In fact she have done it before when she made a film with Star Cinema, “Kung Fu Divas” with Aiai Delasalas.

Her husband Dingdong was the first one to do crossovers, he has done many star cinema movies since 2012.

Marian said it is possible, “It’s possible, actually i supposed to do one but i got pregnant.”

She supposed to make a horror film, but Marian got pregnant with her second baby so the movie project was postponed.

Now that she have given birth, will they pursue on making the horror movie. “Let’s see, it depends if it still has a pulse.”

“If the management will say that it still has a pulse. Then i’ll do it, if not. Then that’s it.”

Even if they decided to pursue with the movie, Marian can’t do it right away. Her priority is her children, specially that Ziggy is still 5 months old.

Marian prefer to look after their children and be a hands-on Mom. But she promised that she will comeback on making movies and tv series when Zia and Ziggy grows a little older. They are too young for now, and Marian prefer to be a hands on Mom to both her children.