Ate Zia is so friendly

Ate Zia is so friendly

Ate Zia and Daddy Dingdong Dantes was seen together at a mall last weekend.

A netizen with usernaamearajaaaaa shared a short clip of Dong and Zia getting down the elevator. She said that when she said Buhbye to Zia, Zia said Buhbye to her too.

Zia is so friendly. Here’s the short clip.

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Friendly ni ate zia. 😁 Video from Arajaaaaa.

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A popular ABS-CBN 2 personality lend his prized possession to Dingdong for his new series on GMA-7 Descendants of the Sun.

Dingdong posted a photo of himself wearing a military uniform while on a vintage priceless motorbike in instagram.

The said motorbike is a Royal Enfield 500 owned by the Kapamilya and former “It’s Showtime” segment host Kim Atienza. Dingdong thanked Kim for allowing him to borrow his motorbike that he used for the yaping of the said series.

Dingdong said in the caption, that he give further caution and care for the motorbike.

In Philippines market, the motorbike of Kuya Kim cost no lower than 250,000PHP.

Kuya Kim and Dingdong are friends and were together in a group of riders that sometimes go to far places using their muscle motorbikes.