Marian Rivera’ rare Mama’s day out

Marian Rivera’ rare Mama’s day out

Marian Rivera’s both hands are very full these days. Having a 4 month old baby and a 3 year old toddler can be very tiring.

But Marian is keep her positivity intact, “Being mom of two beautiful kids sounds overwhelming at first, but needed to put up with my positive outlook and told myself “Kaya mo Yan!”. She said.

Marian make sure that she spend quality time for both her children and ofcourse also her husband.

“Now that i have 2 children, I want to make sure I spend quality time with them not only with my youngest but with ate Zia and my husband.”

Even though Marian is working she is still building her stash of breastmilk for Ziggy.

“So i started to express and build my milk stash, even though i’m at work I can still provide breastmilk kay ziggy.” She said.

Marian had a very rare Mama’s Day out looking beautiful yesterday, she posted it on her Instagram account.

Marian was spotted out for lunch with some of her friends.