Lolit Solis defended Marian Rivera from critics

Lolit Solis defended Marian Rivera from critics

Manay Lolit Solis defend Marian Rivera for feeding her son food at a young age from netizens who are questioning Marian’s action.

Lolit said that Marian know what shes doing and they shouldnt question her. We recall that Marian shared a photo of Ziggy eating.

Lolit defend Marian against the netizens whove been critizing Marian for giving solid foods to her son Ziggy. According to the entertainment news writer, it seems like these “know-it-all” netizens forget taht Ziggy is Marian’s second child.

Manay Lolit also mention that the Kapuso actress is great at taking care of her first born daughter Zia Dantes.

She added that the actress know the perfect formula for her children to grow healthy and smart.

She hope that people shouldnt tell Marian what she should and shouldnt do to her own children. She thinks that the actress is great being a mother to her children.