Ziggy and Zia sundate with friends

Ziggy and Zia sundate with friends

Sunday is family day for the Dantes Family!

Daddy Dong Dantes just shared new photos of Zia and Ziggy. The family attended a birthday party of a friend.

In this photo shared by Daddy Dong Ate Zia was spotted with her Yaya while they sing happy birthday to the birthday celebrant.

In another photo Zia is playing with her friends.

In another one shared by Daddy Dong, Ziggy took a photo with his Ninong Arthur. Ziggy’s smile is so adorable.

In other news, Marian shared why she stop donating milk. She stop donating milk because the milk shes producing is for Baby Ziggy.

“In Gods mercy, me and Ziggy had helped 7 newborn babies. Me and my family do Novena together to Mama Mary, and she granted it.” She said.

Marian is a devotee to Padre Pio, but she believe with the help of Mama Mary is the reason why she produce a lot of milk. That’s why she still pray to Virgin Mary and Our Lady of the Milk so that she continues to produce milk that feeds Baby Ziggy.

Its still hard to tell when Marian will get back to work, other than her regular hosting in Tadhana.