Netizens reaction to Ziggy’s cuteness

Netizens reaction to Ziggy’s cuteness

Marian Rivera, spotted the super cute caught on cam the gigil moment of her to Baby Ziggy.

Dingdong Dantes camera lense captured a sweet moment between his wife and son.

It went viral on social media and it gathered a lot of reactions from the netizens.

Dingdong’s new camera have a perfect shots of his wife and son. He instantly shared it on his Instagram account.

Other than the Kapuso Primetime King high quality shots, it cant deny the cuteness of his perfect models.

He captured Marian Rivera’s love for their child that is why shares and repost spread around online and became trending.

Here are some netizens reaction from Instagram.

“So adorable!”

“Adorable! So priceless”

“It fun to read the comments.. So cute Ziggy, just look at these photos made me adored them.”

“Super handsome! Adorable!”

“When its that handsome, you cant help but to be adored”

Marian Rivera is one of the momshies who’s OOTD pics steal the attention of netizens.