Zia is looking for someone

Zia is looking for someone

Marian Rivera is an advocate of breastfeeding. She is very vocal about it. But just like any other Moms, Marian is doing everything to make sure she can provide enough milk for Ziggy

Marian has been praying to our lady of the milk to help her produce more milk for her 4 month old son.

“I prayed to Our Lady of the Milk to help me produce more milk so I can provide for Ziggy. I know that I’m not the only mom whom she has helped and we’re all filled with gratitude. Kaya mga nanay, don’t lose hope, miracles do happen. Salamat Mama Mary sa biyaya at pagpapala.” She posted on her instagram account.

Meanwhile, another adorable video of Zia emerges in social media.

This time Zia is looking for someone. Her voice is so adorable and cute. Ate Zia will soon turn 4 years old on november 23.