Marian Rivera criticized for feeding Ziggy blended solid food at 4 months, this is her answer

Marian Rivera explained to the concern netizens about feeding baby Ziggy solid foods with his young age.

Marian uploaded a photo of Ziggy finish the whole plate of puree broccoli.

There are good comments regarding Ziggy eating vegetables at his young age, but there are also people who state their worries about feeding infants solid foods, they said that it is not advisable for babies like Ziggy to eat vegetables this early.

Especially that Marian is an active campaigners for breast feeding mothers.

According to the actress, it was advised by their pediatrician for baby Ziggy to eat solid foods.

Marian shared a post and captioned it with, “I would like to show my support in breast feeding advocacy from then till now.

Although I started feeding my son Ziggy solid foods based on the advice of out pediatrician, I have no plan to stop being a padedemom on my bunso.

I understand the importance of breast feeding from 0-6 months. And I hope we won’t hurt our co-mothers in this advocacy. And I hope you shouldn’t use my name in the comments or messages that judges me by feeding my son nutritious vegetables.

I recognized the recomendation of WHO regarding about complimentary feeding. You should follow this. If I have done anything thaylt aren’t based on this, don’t let it be a reason to judge me. Every mother just want the best for their child. I will fight being a padedemom”

Plus, Marian wouldnt feed it to Ziggy if she knows that it was bad for the baby.

Good job Yan!