Zia’ new hobby

Zia’ new hobby

The influence of showbiz couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes is really huge. Therefore, it is not surprising that their children are also paid special attention by the public and the media.

Little Zia – the first daughter of this powerful coupe became popular from the very beginning. Zia has always been praised for her lively, lovely and beautiful appearance.

The more she grew, the more beautiful gets. A beauty inherited from her both parents.

Marian shared on her Instagram account a close-up of her beautiful daughter Zia. After only a few hours, the post received hundreds of thousands of hearts and thousands of comments.

Most of them are compliments for the most famous little princess in the Philippines showbiz. Not only possessing a beautiful face, Zia’s expression is too lovely, melting many hearts.

Meanwhile, Ate Zia found a new hobby! Here’s a short clip of her new hobby.