Ziggy wants more Broccoli

Ziggy wants more Broccoli

It hasn’t been a minute past when Marian posted a new photo of Ziggy, it blows up in social media and went trending right ahead.

Ziggy fill the heart of the netizens with good vibes with he eye candy cuteness and handsomeness in his new pic posted by her mother Marian Rivera.

The one and only son of the Kapuso royal couplr Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes and Zia’s little brother is over flowing with good looks and charm in a brand new picture posted in social media.

Marian greeted her 7.2M followers in instagram with a photo of baby Ziggy. The handsome mini-me of Dingdong is currently 4 month old.

She posted a photo of Ziggy asking for more brocolli after he emptied his bowl already. Marian captioned her post with:

“Mama i want more Broccoli please!” And in another caption Marian said, “May bukas pa anak!”

Looks like Ziggy has a big appetite just like his daddy.

Greetings and compliments pour from the netizens and their fans. Within 2 minutes of the photo being posted, it already gathered 300k likes.

“Mini Dingdong”, “Aww so handsome”, “He looks so cute” “Is he still a human? Ziggy looks like an angel”,”Super cute”.