Ate Zia has a new pet

Ate Zia has a new pet

Marian posted new pictures of her with her equally pretty mini-me Zia. The cuteness and good looking of the mother-daughter overloads.

Marian shared new 5 photos in instagram with her twinning mini me Zia Dantes.

Marian captioned, “Playing is very important in children like Zia. Not only it is giving joy to us, but it also helps to develop Zia’s motor skills.”

This is pertaining to the milk brand that they are endorsing. The netizens were all over the place of their reactions in the comment box because the prettiness of them are overflowing.

“They look-a-like!”
“She smiles like her mum.”
“They are very beautiful.”
“Wow, their beauty is indeeed overflowing.”
“Pretty mom and pretty daughter pair.”

Marian also shared another photo of Zia with her new pet friend. She’s feeding her a Banana.

So adorable!