Ate Zia Karate Lessons

Tribu ni Yan is growing

Marian Rivera is using the hashtag “Tribu” to promote local frabrics / clothings that were made by native Filipinos.

They were very beatiful and youll be thinking why other people didnt promote these native made instead of the branded things that they were showing off their social media accounts. Which they spent a lot of money buying it.

Although, there are some expensive clothes that are made in abaca woven fiber or pina that are usually made to barong because its not a joke making them, its really a meticulous and hard thing to do.

Marian started promoting Yan ng Tribu when she became an endorser of all-Filipino Store Kultura. Since then, she frequently wearing and promoting local weaves.

Even the bags, banig, wallet and accessories were loacally made and are posted on her instagram.

She promotes all the things that was given to her that are locally made.

Marian is truly one of the effective promoters nowadays. That is based on the survey of advertising agencies. It is because, when she promotes it, people buy it.

Unlike other artist that are amazing at pictures but not having the same impact on the market.

Ate Zia Karate Lessons

Ate Zia has a new hobby. It is Karate! A clip of Ate Zia while learning Karate has been posted on Instagram.

She is learning diligently and following her karate teacher’s instruction.

Good Job Ate Zia!