Dantes Squad will have a new endorsement

Dantes Squad will have a new endorsement

Marian Rivera was recently asked about life with 2 children.

“It’s very delightful. Sometimes I told Dingdong when me and my 2 children were in bed and about to sleep. I sent him photos of us because of course he’s out working, I told him that it still feels like a dream.” She said.

“It still hadn’t sink in that I have 2 angels laying beside me like wow, 2 angels now.” Marian said.

It was revealed yesterday that Dingdong, Marian and Zia will have a new endorsement. They started the photo shoot yesterday and they shared it on their social media account.

Even though at early age Zia is receiving multiple endorsement offers but for Marian, what important is to teach their children how to be a good person.

“The best thing you can do for your child is to teach them how to be a good person. That is our goal as a husband and wife.” she said.

There is no details yet about the product they are endorsing. But this is Dantes Squad 3rd endorsement as a family.

Though they received a lot of offers they only accept to endorse product they believe in.

Here are more photos from the photoshoot.