Marian gave an update about her 2 children

Marian gave an update about her 2 children

We always get extra touched when we become part of a mom’s experience in breastfeeding. But most especially because we know that they have been selflessly doing it out of the overflowing love for their little one.

In celebration of Breastfeeding Month, we are happy to share the breastfeeding journey of one of our favorite moms.

Marian Rivera, who has been supporting us all the way. Her K-mom and Mother-K breastmilk bags have been her constant partner in making sure her breastmilk is safe and protected for her little ones, as she tirelessly pumps and feeds.

Thank you for the overflowing support, Marian! We are proud of what you do for your family, and for being an inspiration to so many moms out there.

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Meanwhile, Marian also gave an update on Ziggy. Marian said Ziggy is a calm and quiet baby.

“Well, he drinks a lot of milk, and he’s very quiet, but I think other than that everything is the same. What I did to Zia, I did the same with Ziggy.

Marian also said that Dingdong does the same thing he does to Zia now with Ziggy.

“He still do the same thing with Zia, I didn’t notice any differences with Ziggy, except that he always want to go home right away often now that we have Ziggy.” She said.