Face tranformation of Zia to Daddy Dong

Face tranformation of Zia to Daddy Dong

Dingdong Dantes recently spearheaded Ptoject Be Scene for our local stuntmen.

He thanked everyone who supported and involved to make the project possible in his instagram account.

“Project BeScene will not be possible without the generosity of FrontRow Enterprise Philippines especially founders RS Francisco and Sam Versoza, President and CEO of frontrowphoff.

The YesPinoy Foundation and the Stunt Association of the Philippines have nothing but gratitude for your help. In bringing our experts from the Seoul Action School-Korea to conduct a five-day intensive training with our local stunt actors.

Your support to advocacies on education and the advancement of the welfare of the entertainment industry has truly ignited more attention for the stunt action industry. Thank you again and more power to your Company!” He wrote.

Meanwhile, we posted earlier the face transformation of Zia to Mama Marian. And now here is face transformation of Zia to Daddy Dong.

She looks like her Daddy too! So adorable.