Ate Zia reunited with her summer school friends

Ate Zia reunited with her summer school friends

Ate Zia reunites with her summer school friends yesterday.

Her friends hide when she visited their teacher. And suddenly came out of hiding to surprise Zia.

Zia was so happy to see her friends, she immediately gave them a hug one by one and play together.

Mama Marian also shared a short clip of the surprise. Where we can see how happy Zia is to be reunited with her friends.

They all go to different schools. So they don’t get to see eachother often anymore.

In other news, Mothers are truly amazing, especially when they are brave to admit that they breast-feed.

Up to now, Marian is breast feeding her second child Ziggy Dantes, her son with Dingdong Dantes. Zia is their first born who is turning 3 years old. Like Marian, Camille Prats is breastfeeding her baby with her second husband Nick Yambao. Her first born Nala is turnin 2 years old.

Camille’s baby with her late husband Tony Linsangan has grown. According to the couple Camille and VJ, they dont plan on having more child. VJ bare a child on his first relationship.