Zia and Ziggy are certified social media celebrities

Zia and Ziggy are certified social media celebrities

Being a child of the Kapuso royalties Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, it is about a suprise anymore that Ziggy and Zia are gathering a lot of fans of their own now.

Because of their cuteness, the mini DongYan bring good vibes to everyone who watch and see them.

So for mommy Marian, it is a dream come true to be blessed with 2 adobrable children.

She said, “I am really grateful because it is my dream and it came true.

“The looks of the baby is just a bonus

“The important thing is for us to teach them how to be a good person. As a parent that is our goal.” Marian said.

Zia and Ziggy are instant social media celebrities because whenever their parents will share new photos and videos of them, it will automatically go viral.

Their photos and videos received millions of likes in social media making them a certified social media celebrities.

Netizens just love Zia and Ziggy. They ate so cute and adorable. Watch the adorable moments of Baby Zia and Baby Ziggy in this video.

Aren’t they the cutest! Indeed they are little Marian and little Dingdong.