Ziggy charming his Mom while his Momma cook

Ziggy charming his Mom while his Momma cook

It’s DongYan month! Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are both celebrating their birthdays this August. Dingdong’s birthday is August 2 and Marian’s birthday is August 12.

Dingdong just celebrated his birthday last August 2. Dong with his entire family went on a road trip to Lake Caliraya and rented a cabin for a couple of days stay.

They shared so many photos and clips of their 3 days stay in Lake Caliraya.

Dong shared an adorable clip of Ziggy, While Marian is cooking spaghetti.

Ziggy is charming his Mom while she is cooking as if telling his Mom to hurry up. It was such an adorable moment.

Ziggy’ smile is so adorable! He laugh like his Mom.

Dingdong and Marian are truly blessed, they now have 2 children, a beautiful life and career.
Dingdong and Marian are very thankful.

For Dingdong his birthday wish has already came true. Their second baby is the greatest gift for his birthday.

Next week it’s Marian’s turn to celebrate his birthday. Dingdong is also planning something for Marian.

Happy Birthday DongYan, more babies come!