Mama Marian and Ate Zia playing Habulan

Mama Marian and Ate Zia playing Habulan

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera is celebrating their birthdays as a family of 4. for the first time as Mom and Dad of 2 beautiful children.

Is there any difference that they have noticed between their second child Ziggy and Zia when she was still a newborn baby?

“When Zia was around that age, she was more energetic and giggly. Something like that. Ziggy on the other hand is just chill, we’ll see.” Dong answered.

With the question if Ziggy is more like him or Marian, Dingdong answered, “I really dont know. Hahaha.”

How difficult has it been raising a baby and working on a different projects at the same time?

“Yeah, its different having once child versus having two and besides that while im still working. But Marian stays home so its like she is very dedicated bring these 2 kids up for the moment. And by then, she will return to work.” He said.

Meanwhile, Marian posted an adorable videos of her and Zia playing tag me in Lake Caliraya. Marian is really doing a great job balancing her time between Zia and Zigg.

Making sure she spend quality time with both her kids.

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Nag habulan ang Mag-Mama.. ang cute! 😍😍😍

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