Ziggy’s cute reaction to his Momma

Ziggy’s cute reaction to his Momma

This clip of Ziggy is melting everyone’s heart. The Dantes family is currently out of town to celebrate Dingdong’s birthday.

They choose to lake caliraya to spend the weekend for Dingdong’s birthday. It is also the first time they are taking ziggy for a get away.

Ziggy was baptized last july 28, where it also became a double celebration as Dong celebrated his birthday as well with his close friends.

Marian shared an adorable clip of baby Ziggy, she dances as she approached Ziggy to fixed his hat. It was raining that Day so Ziggy was
bundled up.

Ziggy finds it funny how his Momma was dancing and gave her an adorable smile. Because of that Marian laugh out loud as well.

Couldn’t take the cuteness of his baby boy.

How did Amazing earth took shots at the breathtaking outdoor shots of Dingdong Dantes?

In an instagram stories of Dingdong, he showed the trip that they do on a taping day. Dingdong and the Amazing Earth team go on a trip at Pandin Lake Laguna for their shoot that will soon air on their Sunday infotainment program.

They need to hop on a motor, ride a raft and hike to arive in their destination.