Dantes Squad photos in Lake Caliraya

Dantes Squad photos in Lake Caliraya

Dingdong Dantes posted a series of photos of their stay in Lake Caliraya. Dong and his entire family is currently in Caliraya to celebrate his birthday.

Dong posted some adorable photos of their trip. Here is Ziggy with her Lola Angie.

Dingdong with his siblings Trina, Aya, Angelo and Vicki.

Zia with her cousins Tyler and Jaq.

Marian drinking a cup of coffee, Kopiko Blanca ofcourse.

Ate Zia spending time with her aunties.

The whole Dantes Squad.

Can check out other photos here:

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In other news, DOTS taping has already started but Dingdong leading lady is still a mystery. The first taping for the Philippine adaptation of the Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” started yesterday.

Paul Salas release a photo and in the scene he was with leading man Dingdong Dantes and Rocco Nacino.

The one thing left for the series to announce is who will be the leading lady of Dong.