Dancing Princess Ate Zia

Dancing Princess Ate Zia

Daddy Dingdong Dantes is celebrating his 39th birthday this weekend with his family.

The Dantes family is currently out of town for quick weekend getaway to celebrate Daddy Dingdong’s birthday.

This year’s birthday celebration is quite special. It’s the first time Daddy Dong is celebrating his birthday as a Dad of 2. After welcoming their son last april 16.

To celebrate Daddy’s birthday, Ate Zia did a special dance number of Daddy Dong.

Mama Marian shared a clip on her social media account. Zia definitely got her parents dancing talent.

Here is Zia’s cute little dance. Good Job ate Zia! She dance so well!

In other news, After The intensive military training in Nueva Ecija. The cast of Descendants of the Sun start taping for their episodes starred by the Laptop Primetime King Dingdong Dantes.

Dingdong shared a sneak peak with his co-actors Rocco Nacino and Paul Salas some scenes in their first taping day on instagram. Rocco also posted his look and a popular scene of the Korean series.

Are you excited for Dong to play Big Boss? We sure are!