Ate Zia shows her bag before going to school

Ate Zia shows her bag before going to school

Marian Rivera’s meet and greet and launching of Kultura X Marian was cancelled last July 2. It is because of the bad weather.

But Kultura said that they will reschedule the event at SM Southmall. They also posted an apology to all the fans and supporters of Marian.

Marian also posted the cancellation in her social media.

“We regret to inform you Marian’s schedule appearance on July 2nd, 2019 at SM Southmall will be rescheduled.

She sends her sincerest apologies to all and hopes to meet her fans and supporters in a later date.

Further announcement will be made When update is available.”

Earlier Marian renewed her exclusive contract with Kultura, where they sell filipino made products. They also have special products that support different foundation in the country.

Meanwhile, Ate Zia is back to school! Mama Marian posted Ate Zia’ ootd before going to school.

She even showed her pink cute bag. She’ so adorable.

Ate Zia’s hair bow is matching her bag and dress. Marian is still the one who bring Zia to school.

She is also the one who fetch Zia after school. Ofcourse Ziggy is with Marian as she don’t to leave him home with just a helper.