How Zia is helping Marian taking care of Ziggy

How Zia is helping Marian taking care of Ziggy

Dingdong Dantes is preparing himself for the BMW Berlin Marathon in Germany this September. That is why he’s been losing weight.

It was Kim Atienza who convinced him to join the marathon, their other friends will join as well.

“I made a promise to my family and to myself. Eversince my second child is born i want to renew my commitment to my health.”

“I want to live healthy for my family, so i can take good care of them and look after my children. So i’m committed to be healthy for my family.” He said during the mediacon of starstruck.

Dingdong is hoping that his wife Marian can come with him to Berlin. He said it’s impossible as Marian needs to look after their children Zia and Ziggy.

Dong also shared that Zia is really taking in the role as the big sister.

“She has a task, she helps throw Ziggy’s diaper alone. She is very involve, she knows the concept of being a big sister.

Dingdong also shared that they started preparing for the baptism of their son Ziggy. He said they already have a list of Ninongs and Ninangs.

Ziggy just turn 2 months last June 16. Marian is still in the stage where she is enjoying the early stages of sixto.

That is why she hasn’t fully come back to work, but she already started doing endorsement shoot.