Zia celebrated Father’s Day with her Lolo Jigs

Zia celebrated Father’s Day with her Lolo Jigs

Ate Zia Dantes got to celebrate Father’s Day with her Lolo Gigs, Dingdong’s father.

A photo of them helping Lolo Jigs blow his father’s day cake was posted in social media. While Ziggy stayed at home with Mama Marian.

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes shared some beautiful photos of Zia and Ziggy through their social media account.

Zia and Ziggy looks like the mini versions of their parents Dingdong and Marian. Ziggy is Little Dingdong while Zia is Little Marian.

The Dantes Family is such a beautiful family. They look so complete and for sure Zia and Ziggy will grow up as good children. Because Marian and Dingdong are very hands on parents to them.

We can see how genuine Dingdong and Marian are to their kids, so they can grow up feeling how their parents love and care for them.

Dong and Marian knows the needs of their children they also know their mood. We are witnesses how much of a great father Dingdong is and how much of a loving mother Marian is.

We are very excited to see and watch them grow just like how we are supporting their parents over the years.