Marian Rivera pumping milk for Ziggy while at work

Marian Rivera pumping milk for Ziggy while at work

Dingdong Dantes have said that it’s not likely possible that his wife Marian Rivera will be back to work starting next month. But Marian already goes back to work doing endrosements shoot and pictorials.

If we remember it correctly, it’s only been a month since giving birth to Ziggy when Tripla A got her back at work already for an endorsement.

During that time, many were surprised by Marian’s post-birth body, because she’s already so fit and became even mor3 beautiful.

Just the other day, she shoot a new campaign for Nido 3+ with her daughter Maria Letizia. Once again fans and netizens praised her timeless beauty.

For other Moms who recently gave birth it will probably took years before achieving Marian’s post-birth body. But for Marian it’s only been two months.

Marian is so blessed, that is why some of the comments from netizens says that they are jealous of Marian.

Though some are saying that Marian gain weight, but Marian just laugh it off. She is so proud to be a breastfeeding Mom, and being healthy to feed Ziggy is the most important for her.

Marian is a breastfeeding advocate, that is why she will do anything for her 2 children. Even at work Marian brought her breast pump and container with her. So she can pump milk for Ziggy.

Even at work she is still first and foremost a Mom.