Ate Zia got home service Pedicure from Nailandia

Ate Zia got home service Pedicure from Nailandia

Last June 5, It was posted by Marian Rivera on her Instagram stories the announcement made by her fanclub that their facebook page was hacked, along with Zia’@ fanpage Maria Letizia authorized page.

โ€œThe Facebook Fan Pages of The Official Dongyanatics and Maria Letizia Dantes were hacked and taken over by someone else.”

They also sent a request to Facebook to get their pages back. To return the administration rights and ownership of the pages.

Yesterday, they posted an update that they have recovered ownership and administration to the pages.

“Good news po! We have recovered control, ownership and administration of this Page (Maria Letizia Dantes Authorized Fan Site – Maria Letizia Dantes) and The Official DongYanatics Fan Page. Thank you Facebook for the swift response. Thank you to our followers and likers for your prayers and support.” They posted.

Meanwhile Ate Zia got home service pedicure yesterday. Her Mom shared this adorable photo of Zia having a pedicure.

Ate Zia is so happy. To get her nails done.