Ziggy looks almost exactly like her sister Zia

Ziggy looks almost exactly like her sister Zia

Many are excited to the pictures post by couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera of their babies Zia and Ziggy.

Someone asks why Ziggy is always sleeping in pictures, thus they get more excited and happy when Dong and Yan posted a picture of Zia when she was still an infant. While Ziggy was a wide awake in another photo.

Zia and Ziggy looks like twins, they also said that Ziggy looks like his Daddy Dong.

Comments on Marian Rivera’s post-childbirth photo has been consistent, as she seems didn’t give birth.

The actress is still looking beautiful and sexy on her wardrobe and even became more sexy. She’s currently feeding Ziggy breast milk.

She has eyebags as she’s personally taking care of his baby Ziggy, but this doesn’t diminish her beauty.

Marian did not mention what the new pictorial is, but because she could not still make the teleserye, the pictorial is likely for one of her endorsements.

Speaking of Marian, GMA Networks have been asked to wait for Maria ‘s comeback to become Dingdong Dantes’s leading lady in the Descendants of the Sun.

For DongYan fans, Marian is still the best to be partnered with Dingdong in the movie or teleserye.