Mama Marian’s Baby girl is now a big girl

Marian’s baby girl forever

It is frequently said that its different for a father to have a baby boy. Although we cant deny that Zia is a princess to Dingdong, but in his second child with Marian Rivera, they were blessed to have a “Junior” or Baby Jose Sixto (Ziggy) Dantes IV.

“Will this one compared to Zia is very much quiet, like a snob type.”

“Definitely, he needs to be the best person to the future Sixto generations to come. All the learnings will be in him and he will be the one to continue it.”

They came across different names for their son, although they admit that “the IV” always comes first in their choices.

“I think I’ll reserve that for the next, if there will be next.”

“Even though Ziggy is just a few weeks old, his good looking visuals are already showing up. But for now, they cant tell who he look after her mom or dad.

The Dantes Squad prepared dinner for their friend’s birthday last night. They shared photos of their dinner.

We are at awe seeinh how sweet Zia is to her Mama. She is Mama Marian’s baby girl forever. The way they look at eachother is so full of love.

Here’s another photo of Zia kissing her Mama. Marian is a very hands-on Mom, and we can see it through their Mother and daughter relationship.

Zia is extremely close to her Mama.