Why is ate Zia mad?

Why is ate Zia mad?

Mother’s Day has a deeper meaning now for Marian Rivera. The experience of motherhood is incredible and fulfilling.

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera have two babies, their three-year-old daughter, Maria Letezia or Zia and son, Jose Sixto Dantes III or Baby Ziggy.

Celebrating father’s day by next month with his baby Ziggy will be happy and fulfilling for Dingdong.

Ate Zia is currently attending summer school to keep her busy and she also misses her friends. A photo of Zia with her BFFs was posted earlier today.

A video was also posted of Zia and her friends. Zia said, “I’m mad at the boy!” with an angry face.

While their only boy classmate said, “I’m mad at the girls!”. Ofcourse, they are just joking around.

They are so adorable. Here’s a short clip.

Meanwhile, everyone is waiting for Marian’s return in showbiz. But as of the moment there is no news when will Marian return to Sunday Pinasaya and Tadhana.

She is focusing in her family life and taking care of her 2 kids.