Dingdong Dantes message to his Son, Sixto

Dingdong Dantes message to his Son, Sixto

Today, The Dantes Family is celebrating the first month of Baby Jose Sixto Dantes IV.

It’s been a month already since Marian gave birth to their little boy. Dingdong posted a touching message for his Son.

He wrote, “You seem pretty comfortable on that saddle, huh? But hey, it is too big and you may only pose on it…for now.

Alright, okay, yes, maybe one day you can ride it and even own it. But that’s really not what i want you to have. Material things get old, expire and tear down.

I would also never give that as a gift because as beautiful as it may appear, it has no value to me. It is just a material thing. What i want you to have and what i will continue to give you is the ability to value people and relationships.

One day you’ll hone it and make it your own unique talent and characteristic — even far better than your forefathers.

But if you’ll seriously want to ride, i’ll make sure i am healthy enough to teach you a thing or two. That is, if your Mother would even allow it. Happy first month, son.”

Dingdong shared this adorable photo of Ziggy in a Ducati along with his message.