Marian Rivera’s greatest role

Marian Rivera’s greatest role

Weather it’s tv series or movies, Primetime Queen Marian Rivera played so many roles.

She became Marimar, Dyesebel and even Darna. But we are sure from all the characters she played, her most favorite most incomparable and priceless is her role ad a Wife and a Mom.

Even before, when Marian was just starting in showbiz. Whenever they asked her, what is her ultimate dream in life, she will always answer, “To become a Mother.”

Because Marian is a very transparent and prank person, it was easy to throw negative things at her. But we are sure, they can’t say any negativity about Marian being a Mom to her children.

We witnessed it numerous times how hands-on she is to her children. We witnessed how she rushed home after work to take care or her child.

There are celebrities who doesn’t want to get pregnant, because they are afraid it will affect their showbiz career. Marian is different, even though she is a Superstar she knows her priority. That is to be a caring and loving wife and mother.

She received “Breastfeeding Influencer and Advocate Award by the Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines.”

As a celebrity, she is a Queen. As a Mom, she is the “Best Mama” for Zia and Ziggy.

Source: Rose Garcia