Netizens dabate who Baby Ziggy look like, Dad or Mom?

Netizens dabate who Baby Ziggy look like, Dad or Mom?

As a Mother, Marian shared that she is not the type of Mother who constantly stop her child from doing what she want. She said that she lets Zia to play and explore outside in their garden.

Through her Instagram post we want can see how she let Zia explore and play. Zia even has a little house in their backyard.

“There are times that kids are too hyper. It still makes me laugh but during Zia’s school field trip i saw other Moms like “Oh my gosh!!!” (Panicking).

“I Told myself, “I don’t want to be like it. When Zia is hyper i’ll be hyper too. I will even ask her ‘where do you want to go?.’ Because sometimes the more that you stop them, they will become more hard headed. Aslong as she is not doing anything wrong, i will not stop her.”

Netizens are debating who resembles Baby Ziggy, His Dad or Mom? Some says he looks exactly like his Dad.

Some netizens also said that he is the male version of his Mama. Other say he looks like Marian’s spanish Dad.

What do you think? He is a perfect mix of his Dad and Mom just like Ate Zia.