Dantes Family’s first selfie ogether with Ziggy

Dantes Family’s first photo together with Ziggy

Dingdong is all out happy and proud with the birth of his second child, on the other hand he also have a new level of respect for his wife, the Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera.

According to Dingdong, “As much as I celebrate the birth of my son, I also celebrate the life of Marian. I want to celebrate her strength because mothers have been through a lot just to give birth to their child.

“They put their life on the line and of coutrse baring it for 9 months. I give my wife a different kind of respect. Because this is out second child, I also wanna honor her and her ssacrifices. Whatever she need to pamper herself, I will do it.”

Marian received an early present from Dong, Zia and Ziggy.

Dingdong just shared through his Instagram photo the first ever selfie of The Dantes Squad.

Dingdong took a selfie with her wife Marian Rivera holding their newborn son baby ziggy. While Zia is sleeping beside her hugging both her and Ziggy. Such a sweet photo..

The selfie was taken inside a car, Dong is probably taking them out for a special Mother’s Day date.

This is the very first time of Marian celebrating Mother’s Day as a mother of 2 children.

This will surely be a very special Mother’s Day for her.