Dantes Family official family photo

Dantes Family official family photo

People frequently say that having a son is different for a father. Although, it cannot be deny that Zia is truly the princess for Dingdong, but in their second child, he got the chance to have his own “Junior” or Jose Sixto “Ziggy” Dantes IV.

“Well, Ziggy compared to others, he is much more of quiet type.

“Definitely, he needs to be the best version of his present generation. All the learning will be his and he will continue it.”

There are few names that they choose for Ziggy, but they admit that making him IV is always on the top of their list for their first male son.

“I think, I’ll reserve that for the next, if there will be next.”

Even if Ziggy is just a few weeks old, his handsomeness is already showing. But for now, they still cant tell is Ziggy take after Marian or Dingdong’s looks.

Marian just posted an official family photo of The Dantes Family with Baby Ziggy. Marian captioned, “Salamat Ama, for my greatest gifts.”

Many says that Ziggy look exactly like his Daddy Dong, we totally agree!

Such a beautiful family! Happy Mothers Day Marian, and happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!