Ate Zia surprise her Mom by preparing breakfast for her

Ate Zia surprise her Mom by preparing breakfast for her

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes first born is a big girl now. And she proved over and over again how responsible and sweet she is as Ziggy’s big sister and as her Dad and Mom’s first born.

Zia promises to love and take care of her baby brother. But she is also taking good care of her Mama Marian.

Marian posted this morning a series of photos and video of Zia surprising her with breakfast.

She posted, “Zia surprised me by making me a sandwich, she said “Mommy I love you and want you to be happy. I learned to make breakfast for you today!” This little girl always exceeds my expectations when it comes to being thoughtful and smart. Thank you Ate Zia for making mama breakfast!”

Ate Zia probably knows now that she has a baby brother, Mama is probably quite tired as it is indeed tiring to have a newborn baby. But rewarding at the same time ofcourse.

So to make Mama extra happy she prepared her a breakfast.

At her young age of 3, Ate Zia is already so thoughtful and considerate.

She amazed us more and more everyday. We are very proud of you Ate Zia!