Zia’s playdate with her classmates

Zia’s playdate with her classmates

Let me all remind you that it has been only 3 weeks since Marian Rivera-Dantes gave birth to her son Baby Ziggy.

But today, Marian prepared a playdate party for Zia and her friends. Marian personally cooked and prepared everything.

First, she cooked Mac n’ Cheese for Zia and her friends. “Done! Mac n’ Cheese para sa mga classmate ni Ate Z! Play date sila later.”

Mama Marian also rented a giant slide for Ate Zia and her friends.

Dantes Family’s favorite Mr. Churros also provided icecream pops for Zia and her friends.

Mr. Churros owners wrote to Marian, “We greatly value your trust and sincerely appreciate your love for Mr. Churros. We can’t wait for Zia and her friends to munch and enjoy these icecream pops!”

Ninang Teena Barretto also provided giant legos.

Zia’s give away for her friends.

Marian also shared a photo of Zia and her friends in their garden.

It looks like they are having a lot of fun!

We salute Mama Marian for personally preparing this for Zia, even though she just gave birth and is taking care of Babt Ziggy.

She is indeed a Super Mom who will do anything for her children.