The lead cast of Descedants of the sun

The lead cast of Descedants of the sun

Kapuso Network announced that Dingdong Dantes will lead the cast of the popular Korean series Descendants of the sun. Eversince then netizens guesses and expresses who they want to be a part of the cast.

Taping for the teleserye will start next month. Philippine Entertainment portal wrote Jennylyn Mercado, Rocco Nacino and Jasmine Curtis will join Dingdong Dantes as part of the lead cast.

Jennylyn will play the character Dr. Kang a cardiothoracic surgeon the love interest of Captain Yoo.

While Rocco Nacino will play Sergeant Major Wolf and Jasmine Curtis will play as Lieutenant Myeong-Joo.

Since the taping is still a month a way, there’s a possibility that the cast might change. But as of today, Jennylyn, Rocco and Jasmine will be one of the lead stars of the Philippine adaptation of Descedants of the sun.

Ofcourse DongYan fans are a bit sad that Marian won’t be able to play along side Dingdong. But they fully understand because Marian just gave birth 2 weeks ago.

DongYan fans know that family is her priority especially now that she is now a mother of 2. But thwy hope DongYan can work in a sitcom later on. Maybe next year?

Dominic Zapata will be the director of Descendans of the sun. What do you think of the casting?