The other baby of The Dantes Family

The other baby of The Dantes Family

Marian is in the verge of wait and see, when interviewed on facebook live at Sunday Pinasaya last Sunday. It was her first intervew after she gave birth to her baby boy.

“Let me breathe first, because they are both energetic. These 2 (Zia and Ziggy) is quite loud at home.” Marian answered pertaining to the facebook question.

The actress and her husband Dingdong Dantes decide to name their baby boy Jose. The reason is because he thinks that people who are named Jose are all handsome. Dingdong is Jose Sixto Dantres II and his son Ziggy is the IV.

The GMA Primetime Queen, took the opportuity to thank all the people who prayed for her safe delivery of her second baby.

There is no specific time of when will Marian come back for a tv series, the last series she did is Super Ma’am. We heard that Dingdong and Marian have plans to make a movies as well.

Well, I think it will take a lot of time to have another baby after Ziggy because of the projects Marian needs to do.

Anyway there’s another “Baby” in the Dantes Family. Have you met him? His name is Migo. He is Zia’s pet.