The reason why Marian can’t go back to showbiz right away

The reason why Marian can’t go back to showbiz right away

In Sunday Pinasaya facebook fan page, people ask Marian if she’s going to continue twinning with her children. Because before, her and Zia always have the twinning outfit.

Will Dingdong follow Marian footsteps twinning with Baby Ziggy? “they wont be matching clothes but they will have matching helmet.” She answered.

Looking at Baby Ziggy’s photo, Jose said “he looks so handsome. I look like that when I was a baby. If he looks like me when I was a child, would you want him to grow up? Hahahahaha.” Jose joked.

Do they have a plan to have another child after Baby Ziggy? “Oh, well see, because having these 2, already occupied me, they’re still little and very energetic.”

Aiai then congratulate Marian, “Congratulations to you, to Dong and baby ate Zia. Congratulations for having baby handsome ziggy. We will hear more interview with them and we are all excited for your comeback. I miss you so much.”

“I miss you more. Kambal and Kuya Jose, to everyone, to all of you who always support and love us, thank you for the prayers as I delivery my baby Ziggy safe and sound. I will come back soon, I just need settle and take care of everything for my baby first.” Marian said.