Full live interview of DongYan and Zia

live interview of DongYan and Zia

Sunday Pinasaya got to talk to Primetime Queen Marian Rivera through phone call last Sunday.

Aiai Delas Alas and Jose Manalo got to ask Marian the most ask questions from Sunday Pinasaya facebook page.

“Did you have a long labour?” Aiai asked.

Marian said she did had a long labour for both Zia and Ziggy. “10 hours, but when I was laboring with Zia, it took me 17 hours, if you compare it, it’s 7 hours less.” She said.

Jose told Marian that many people prayed for her. “Even if you labour for long hours and even if it’s dangerous, many people pray for you to have a safe delivery. Now, you have had a normal and safe delivery.

Marian is very grateful for all the prayers they received. Because of the prayers she was able to endure her long labour.

“I am thankful that I endure it, but when I saw my son, it was worth it. And I thank God for giving us a new angel to our life.” She said.

Aiai then say goodbye to Marian as she knows how busy she is with her 2 children.

“Thank you so much, always take care, I know you’re very busy with your baby right now, I love you sis, I miss you.”

Before they hang up the phone, we can hear ate Zia say clarifying “Ninang Aiai, I don’t look like you.” Before she say, “Goodbye everyone.”

You can watch the full interview HERE