Dong give update on Baby Ziggy

Dong give update on Baby Ziggy

Dingdong Dantes can’t hide his happiness because of his new baby boy with wife Marian Rivera-Dantes.

Ding said having a baby boy is quite different with having a baby girl. “Yes, through normal delivery. Baby boy is different. He’s quiet and quiet snobby.” He said.

“We still don’t know who he resembles, it’s changing everyday. My dad is so happy now that i have a baby boy.”

Dingdong said he stayed at Marian’s side during the labor and until she gave birth. “I saw everything. And you know as much as we celebrate the birth of Sixto, i also celebrate Marian’s strength. Because what she went through was very hard. So everytime we have birthdays we should celebrate our Moms too.”

Dingdong said he salute and respect Marian so much and all the women out there. Now Dingdong is doing anything to pampered his wife.

Dingdong also shared that Zia loves to hugged her baby brother. Zia immediately gave her baby brother a hug the first time she saw him.

When asked about the nickname of their baby boy he said, “Whatever Zia is comfortable calling him. Right now he is sixto.” He said.

We like the nickname Ziggy.