Netizens adorable reactions to Zia and Ziggy

Netizens adorable reactions to Zia and Ziggy

Marian Rivera gave as a glimpse through Instagram of how sweet Zia is to her baby brother Ziggy. She recently posted a very sweet moment of her two gorgeous children.

Shd posted a photo of Zia looking lovingly to her baby brother as she holds him with a bright smile on her face. While Ziggy was also looking at his big sister.

Fans and Netizens express their fondness to Zia and Ziggy on social media.

“Ganito dapat ang nagpaparami ng lahi eh. Ok lang kahit mag anak ng marami!” one says. “Ang ganda at pogi naman ng mga anak nitong sina marian at dingdong. Maganda ang timpla eh.” Another one says.

“Swak na swak genes ng DongYan. Parang nanalo sa genetic lottery.” Another commenter said. “My goodness! So adorable! What a beautifully captured tender moment.” Said another.

Marian shared, “Before, we dreamed of having another child. 3 years later, we asked and God gave us another one.

To have a son is an answer to our prayer. That is why my heart is overflowing with grattitude for this blessing.”

Dingdong said Marian is doing well after giving birth. Thanks to everyone’s prayers and well wishes.